We provide consulting for e-commerce, mobile app development for all operating systems and particularly for point of sale consumer communication. 

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Online training programs

We offer robust turnkey online training and communication platforms for all devices in multiple langauges perfectly suited for keeping your sales force update with product, sales and marketing training.  

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E commerce development

Looking to get your e-commerce program going to or simply take it to the next level, we offer a dediced consulting program to help you move forward whether for single markets for multiple global regions. Feel free to contact us to discuss your opportunities.

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Mobile APPS

We offer state of the art mobile apps for point of sale solutions with full remote content management, facial recognition techology to delivered target specific messaging, data capture at point of sale, 24/7 status and use tracking. 

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about us

We are a home office company with the headquarters in Geneva,Switzerland. 



App design

Mobile application development and design.

Point of sales

Visual content for the puropse of presenting the product and interaction with client.


Managment of online sales processes in order to improve the functionality of the online marketing.

website development

Strategy and exeqution.

online sales training

Online sales training application. Video presentations and graphic content.

creative ideas

Marketing strategies

Planning marketing strategies and copywriting.

creative Design

Logo and brand idenity design.


Filming, (including green screen video), sond recording, editing and providing visual content of the videos for various purpuses.

web design

Functional and innovative designs for webs.